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He told the outlet 'every culture had slavery', not only white Americans and he also blamed the 'existential crisis of immigration, mass immigration from third world countries'.Kessler said he met with Charlottesville police multiple times ahead of the rally on Saturday and went over the city's safety plan with a police liaison.Kessler said he does not identify as a white nationalist but told the AP he is concerned about immigration creating an 'ethnic cleansing' of white people.He said on his webpage that he's a graduate of the University of Virginia and the author of a novel and a book on poetry.Police said Kessler wouldn't obey an officer's commands to leave and was inciting others with a bullhorn.Later that month, he applied for a permit for Saturday's rally, which he told The Associated Press was partly over the statue removal decision but also because an 'anti-white climate'.

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Jason Kessler tweeted on Friday night: 'Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist. Looks like it was payback time.'The shocking post immediately drew a massive backlash from both sides. First he said his account was hacked and then, on Saturday, he blamed the remark on a prescription cocktail of Xanax and Ambien, fueled by alcohol.A social media user claiming to be Daily Stormer staffer Andrew Auernheimer said he had hacked Kessler's account, but that has not been confirmed, according to the Los Angeles Times.Kessler told Fox News on Thursday that he plans to lay low because of the death threats he has received since the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12.That meant Kessler's group had to walk in close quarters to counter-protesters from Antifa, Black Lives Matter and others.He told Fox that the clubs, helmets and body armor his group wore were 'for our own safety'.

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