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All the Reason columnist did was retweet it and add some commentary about how she hopes he becomes un-hire-able. It’s not even divulging a secret; the guy said it on his public Twitter.

Is it really so wrong to do what’s basically just signal-boosting his comment?

A recent spat on Twitter, which I won’t link: some guy using his real name tweeted an offensive joke about how women should make sandwiches at a group of women.

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If you cross a blogger, a columnist, or a Twitter celebrity, all that will exist is that you once retweeted a racist joke on the 26th of March, 2014. Heck, even watching porn is enough to get people fired some places.

Having free speech laws on the books is a necessary precondition, but it’s useless in the absence of social norms that support it.

If you win a million First Amendment victories in the Supreme Court, but actively work to undermine the social norms that let people say what they think in real life, you’re anti-free-speech. What I want to get into here is a point specific to this situation: the guy made this joke under his real name.

We expect this social norm to be sometimes in our favor and sometimes against us, so we want it to be universalizable and desirable under a veil of ignorance.

On that note: let him who is without sin throw the first stone.

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