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The report was filed in Calabasas, California on Wednesday (1st April) after Lund reportedly called police out to her home.

A representative for the LAPD confirmed a report had been made and that they are currently investigating the allegations. We do have a person of interest, but we are not saying who it is.

Racked: When did you start being interested in doing a collection and what made you take the plunge?

We spoke with Richie about his views on fashion, women and his very atypical life as a designer.

We started putting fabrics together—we'll make a skirt out of this, and we'll compliment it with this, that, and the other thing.

Racked: So you're contribution to the line is literally, physically, designing the clothes with Nikki? Then six months later, I find out she also happens to be a songwriter and musician.

Lund has filed a police report in which she alleges 55-year-old Sambora physically assaulted her and issued threats against her life in a series of phone calls.

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Their relationship appears to have been amicable until fairly recently with Lund posting on Instagram in January, describing Sambora as her "partner and bestie."Read More: Richie Sambora Given The Boot From Bon Jovi Tour Because Of Wages.Richie: I think any woman could wear this collection, really. I think the name might constitute some kind of negative connotation but it's really just fun. Actually a turning point for me, was when I was about twenty eight years old and I started dating Cher. You shouldn't wear this with that; what was right for the occasion. Richie: Absolutely, I think you bring everything in your life to where you are at this point, right now.Obviously she's a fashionista, she taught me a lot. Because when you're a kid you don't know that kind of stuff, especially when you're a man. Everything I see on women walking down the street is a big part of my input in this particular line. I think that clothes are an expression for women especially. Empower women, make them feel like they are an individual, make them feel sexy.It's a great experience and I'm having fun because I get to create in a whole other realm. My daughter walked in both the LA shows that we've done.Racked: What do Jon Bon Jovi and the rest of the band think of the line? Everybody's very supportive in the band of each other's individual projects. That's what I think is the main ingredient that keeps this band together almost thirty years now.

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