List of american dating networks

Friends, Friendsters, and My Space Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites.

Profiles as Conversation: Networked Identity Performance on Friendster.

Example social network sites researched include: Friendster, My Space, Facebook, Orkut, Cyworld, Mixi, Black Planet, Dodgeball, and Live Journal. Bonneau, Joseph, Jonathan Anderson and George Danezis. To be presented at the 2009 International Conference on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining, 2009.

but this is not the organizing focus and not everything related to these other topics is included here. Focus on Business Practices: An Exploratory Study of Indian University Students' Use of Social Networking Web Sites: Implications for the Workplace. Ahn, Y., Han, S., Kwak, H., Moon, S., and Jeong, H. Analysis of topological characteristics of huge online social networking services.

Academic Libraries, Facebook and My Space, and Student Outreach: A Survey of Student Opinion.

Learning to Immaterial Labour 2.0: My Space and Social Networks.

(2009) Pharmacy Students’ Facebook Activity and Opinions Regarding Accountability and E-Professionalism. Online social networking issues within academia and pharmacy education.

High Tech or High Risk: Moral Panics about Girls Online.

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