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He was discouraged with canned responses and multiple bans, but he never gave up!

But although Garande is an amusing accent in our archive, we’re glad that we did not have more of such devoted trolls. In most cases trolls are a pain in the butt, but there is a way to benefit from their presence.

Thanks to them we are also sure that a chatter is clearly instructed about the live chat he entered, so there is no room for confusion.

Formal responses from customer service reps are demotivating for most trolls.

Sometimes a person that seems to be trolling may be someone who doesn’t speak your language well or has confused your website with some other service.

For that reason every chatter who asks a weird question gets a message from our agent explaining who they actually contacted.

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As a result, they bring distraction to your team’s work, decrease motivation and impact effectiveness. And not just that, they have even learned how to benefit from such chats!Here’s the example of such a message: Quite dry, isn’t it?It’s the best thing that can be sent to a troll awaiting an emotional, human reaction.If it’s a customer, they will ask a Live Chat-related questions.If it’s a confused visitor, they will leave the chat.

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