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When an angry, heartbroken girl is forced to be near her rocker ex-boyfriend, only time will tell if the fire between them will consume them both. " "That's right," a low voice answers over the top of my head. "And you," the husky voice murmurs, and I turn into the arms holding me.

Read two sexy excerpts below from Ripped before its release on Dec. For more information on this hot and heavy romance, visit XOXO After Dark. Silver eyes meet mine—silver like a wolf 's, heavy-lidded, both tender and eerily sharp.

His lips are curled into this adorable smile, and I know right then and there that my boyfriend loves that I suggested a bed, of course. "And a fish." He lifts one arm to point at the desiccated swordfish on the wall of the yacht we've stolen into.

It's not ours, but this is one of our hiding places.

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ERP is a role-play with little plot besides the quick sex scene between characters.

The first 84, i mostly like and they are rated 7 or higher, the others are with mixed feelings.

Theres a lot more made for tv and stv, but some of them are so bad that i dont want even list them.

Im going full potato with the list and i will include some movies like Malice, Dead Calm, No Way Out that fit loosely in the Erotic category.

A New York City doctor, who is married to an art curator, pushes himself on a harrowing and dangerous night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife admits that she once almost cheated on him.

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