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Thomas Trigg *Chaplin Tyler Samuel Wakeman Martin F. Stearns, Honorary Vice Chairman Class of 1974 David H. Spring Recess* (Or Make Up jj Period for Lost Snow Days) j! the governing boards and officers of tine university THE CORPORATION Julius Abrams Charles F.

The Mathe-| matics Placement Test must be taken prior to registration. I 0.392 Mathematics — B (3 cl., 3 q.h.) j'ariation; review of geometry; topics of trigonometry; introduction to statistics j nd probability; logarithms. 10.423 Differential Equations (4 cl., 4 q.h.) (Day Curriculumi Ordinary differential equations — standard types of the first order; lineal differential equations, especially with constant coefficients; Laplace transforms series solutions of differential equations. Em-' phasis is placed upon the solution of applied problems. Northeastern University is also an qual opportunity employer; it is institutional policy that there shall not be any iscrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of ace, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin. In all matters involving admission, registration, and all official relation- ships with students, including evaluation of academic performance, the Univer- ; ity insists on a policy of nondiscrimination. Appointments may be arranged by telephoning he Lincoln College office at 437-2500. Program Counseling at Extensions Program counselors are available on a regular schedule at Lincoln Col- ege extensions at: the Wyman Junior High School, Burlington; the North High School, Framingham; the North High School, Weymouth; the English High School, Lynn; the Junior High School North, Norwood; and the Nor- vood Airport, Norwood.

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