Black male dating statistics

At just 19, Obama’s long-term romantic trajectory is impossible to predict.

ACS’s President, Oreoluwa Ogunbiyi, said that "these results offer little to be celebrated, and we mustn't forget that we still have a very long way to go to remedy the lack of racial diversity at universities such as ours".

One need only look to the vitriol heaped upon tennis star Serena Williams last winter when she revealed her engagement to Alex Ohanian, the white co-founder of Reddit who’s now her husband (and daughter’s father).

Williams’ announcement was met with messages of anger, betrayal and dismay across #blacktwitter.

The issue of black representation at Cambridge was raised earlier this year when a photo from the Cambridge University African-Caribbean Society (ACS), showing 14 of the 15 black men accepted into the University in 2015, went viral.

by the student newspaper Varsity has found that in 2016, just 12.9 per cent of black applicants accepted a place at the university.

White applicants have been the most successful in the past ten years, with 29.4 per cent of applicants ultimately taking up a place.

They also defended the University’s existing access work, saying that "we currently spend £5m a year on access measures leading to 190,000 interactions with pupils and teachers.

This is often cited as one of the causes of lower marriage rates among Black women. While Black men marry white women at twice rate that Black women marry White men, i In 2012 The U.

The reasons behind this trend are as disturbing as they are depressing.

For one thing, black women are America’s least-desired ethnic group by men of all races, according to ongoing research by dating site OK Cupid.

Amid all the scrutiny that Malia Obama has been subjected to in her first months at Harvard University, nothing has attracted as much press attention as her being snapped by eager paparazzi kissing a white guy.

The guy—identified by enterprising journalists as 19-year-old Rory Farquharson—is a British-born Harvard sophomore.

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