Alexander skarsgard dating anne v darie dana bacau dating

He enrolled to study English but admits he did not study much and "had a blast" instead.After seven years away from acting, he started to consider it again.

Style icon Alexa Chung rarely puts a foot wrong in the style stakes, and a lunch date with boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard in Hollywood this week was no different.He played Kalle Nubb in Åke och hans värld (Åke and His World).In 1989, the lead role in the Swedish television production Hunden som log (The Dog That Smiled) made him famous in Sweden at the age of thirteen.Skarsgård worked with a dialect coach to master the American accent.Just before leaving to shoot Generation Kill, Skarsgård heard about True Blood, a new series HBO was developing based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris.

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